Crisis Communication

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The following is a syllabus and description of the course featured on this blog.

Crisis Communication & Management

COM 490: Independent Study
Syllabus by Rachel M. Esterline

Course Description:

This course focuses on crisis communication and management, emphasizing practical application of theories, strategies, and tactics from a public relations perspective.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the theories of crisis communication
  • To critically analyze crisis communication case studies
  • To competently utilize crisis communication and management strategies and tactics for detection, prevention, preparation, containment, and recovery.
  • To be able to create a crisis communication plan
  • To be able to transfer learned crisis communication and management skills to a real world context

Course Assignments:

  • Case Study Analyses
    • Critical analysis of case studies related to crisis communication and management
  • Crises In The News
    • Critical analysis of crisis situations showcased in the media
  • Crisis Communication Plan
    • Creation of crisis communication plan, preferably for local business or organization
  • Professional Journal
    • Professional journal, created through, will contain notes from readings, case study analyses assignments, crisis in the news assignments, and any other details related to class.
  • Crisis Management Manual
    • Reference manual created from class materials that can be used as a reference tool in future crisis situations

Course Points:

  • Case Study Analysis 110 points
  • Case Study Analysis 2 10 points
  • Case Study Analysis 3 10 points
  • Case Study Analysis 4 — 10 points
  • Case Study Analysis 510 points
  • Crisis In The News 1 — 10 points
  • Crisis In The News 2 — 10 points
  • Crisis In The News 3 — 10 points
  • Crisis In The News 4 — 10 points
  • Crisis In The News 5 — 10 points
  • Crisis Communication Plan — 150 points
  • Professional Journal 150 points
  • Crisis Management Manual100 points
  • TOTAL –500 points

Recommended Texts:

  • Ongoing Crisis Communication: Planning, Managing, and Responding by W. Timothy Coombs
  • The Crisis Counselor: A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing a Business Crisis by Jeff Caponigro